Urban Palais

Year Built



640 sq ft.


Mumbai, India


Studio Kunal Bhatia

A palace in the city

About: Mumbai maybe extremely populous with high-prices for real estate but it is a dream city. Mostly everyone here aims to own a home and when they do accomplish that, every inch counts. We believe a home can transcend into a palace with the right touches.

Urban Palais is one such project. Curated on-demand as a sample flat for a builder.

A space that is realistic and usable.

A burst of colours.

A home that makes a statement and comfort dictates the design.

Even a tiny home in Mumbai can accommodate all your needs and we design them to be your Palace of Illusions.

Designer details: The floors and walls were untouched and we decided to make something without breaking anything.

The home has an L-shaped living and dining room, combined which makes it appear larger. We add a beautiful partition which acts as a display wall for memorabilia. This creates a distinction between the two areas. It also created an entrance foyer with a small seating and a shoe cabinet, a valuable space in Mumbai homes.

The charcoal grey used on the furniture makes a bold statement with an offset of the teal blue sofas whilst the custom made dining table adds character with its monochrome top and dull-orange seating.

The master bedroom has a backdrop of finished bison panels and a glorious rust wardrobe that leaves an impression. It is a gender-neutral bedroom with ample space and storage.

Whereas, the second bedroom picks up a Victorian vibe with a contemporary twist. The English colours make it an extremely cosy space. It also has a handcrafted TV unit and marble top side tables.

The entire space has been infused with raw natural materials that blend into the colours beautifully. The wooden tables in the living area, to the raw bison wall panel in the master bedroom and the exposed marble side tables in the guest bedroom. These materials don’t only tie the space together but make it more susceptible to while completing the look of each room.

The kitchen came with a ‘no breaking rule.’ The pistachio green contrasts from the cream of the tiles, it uplifts the entire space, it makes the kitchen brighter and adds a little light to the otherwise dull room. We switched out an openable door to a glass folding one to allow easy circulation & movement.

Urban Palais was a first, where we had to create a space without a user in mind. So we tried to think of everything any family would need and incorporated it. Colours that would make one gasp in its usage and a design that is within the box.


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