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725 sq ft.


Mumbai, India


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A piece of heaven in the maximum city

About: The unprecedented times we live in, have ensured us if we weren’t 100% already that our home is our final destination. A space that comforts us at the end of a tiring day, a place that we spend large amounts of time (courtesy, lockdown); our cocoon.

Colorplay has a life of its own, it strongly reflects the home-owners personality in every way possible.

Bright and full of colour and joy.

A contemporary design and a comfortable vibe.

A young home.

As a designer involved with a space in a full-city like Mumbai, it is integral to optimise space and maximise utility.

Designer details: A burst of colours with a subtlety of classy and underplayed minimalism.

The entrance foyer to this home is a stark blue photo frame door. It is paired with a white powder-coated wrought iron grill, showing a peek of the beautiful hand-polished pinewood main door to the inside.

A mandate was shoe cabinets in the entrance foyer, the units were designed using laser-cut MDF grills finished in White Duco. This gives the shoes space to breathe and maximises storage whilst making a statement.

The foyer leads to the living room which has a statement blue wall complimented with blue sofas & yellow piping, the colour adds life to the dark hues used otherwise. The tables are crafted using metal and glass which has a modern design. This allows the place to look larger and feel more spacious. Each element was chosen to add to the space.

Ideally, the plan of the house had four doors opening to the living room, each leading to the two rooms, common bathroom and kitchen, respectively. We decided to camouflage two doors in a beautiful hand-polished pine wood panel, that also, in turn, became the focal point in the living area and created a lovely backdrop for the dining table. A statement wall clock added direction to the visual interpretation of the space.

Each bedroom has a distinct character and reflects the user of the space. The master bedroom has a neutral colour palette of grey and white, complemented with dark wooden flooring and veneer. It has bursts of colour in the form of upholstery, this allows flexibility to the user to change the look of the space conveniently. On the flip side, the guest bedroom has a pastel

colour palette with mint green and salmon pink being the base colours for the furniture and hints of white to compliment the same.

Colorplay is a modern home that absorbs the monotony of everyday life and aims to invoke joy to the home-owner. A home that meets all your needs and goes beyond to not overpower your personal space.


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