Modern Living

Year Built



1100 sq ft.


Pune, India


The Fishy Project

A space that tells a story

About: A home for a family of four that needed more space to comfortably accommodate their growing needs. Often heard the saying – a house is bought, a home is built. This was one such project – we were inclined to enable them to tell their story through their home.

Modern Living is an end to end solution for the user. From breaking to making and everything after, it was a complete overhaul.

A space to grow

A space that narrates their story.

A space to create memories.

Invoking a sensorial experience with The Artisanal Story.

Designer details: On entering the floor of the house, it is hard to miss out on the stark get door which has a detailed panelling that leads to the entrance foyer. The foyer is a blend of contemporary yet utility-based design that maximises storage whilst maintaining clean lines.

The foyer gives you a glimpse of the guest bedroom with a lovely glass panelled door. Inside the room, we’ve used deep colours of emerald green and black that adorn the furniture and a beautiful nature wallpaper plays the perfect backdrop for the bed. The aim was to transport the user of this room to a vintage hotel in Venice, Paris with its deep colours and ambience and the usage of heavy accents of gold in the hardware, headboard and furniture.

The living area is the space that seamlessly ties it all together.

As a room where the family will gather and spend maximum time and create memories, we had to make it appealing to every member of the home. The colours of teal blue & yellow do just that. They invoke a certain kind of calmness and bring the entire house together.

The custom made crockery unit sits beautifully against the yellow hand-painted wall, but the main feature of this space is the antique gold wrought iron partition; it speaks for itself.

The dining area leads you to the kitchen. The brief was a ‘White Kitchen’, we introduced a twist to have a black countertop with a gorgeous printed backsplash. This immediately transports you to the European countryside with a monochrome palette.

When we talk about the bedrooms, they each symbolise their inhabitants.

A lovely neutral and mature master bedroom, with its white furniture, grey undertones and lovely rose gold metallics. The yellow is introduced to break the monotony and add a hint of colour to the otherwise subtle space.

The children’s bedroom is a dream bedroom with its white panelled wardrobe shutters from floor to ceiling, hand-painted back wall and beautiful shades of blue, it may be our FAVOURITE space in the house.

The bathrooms were reimagined from the layout to sanitary ware and civil work.

The kid’s bathroom has an extremely playful personality with different printed tiles, blue ceramic basin, a circular mirror and black fittings. The master bathroom has a lovely marble that adorns the walls and the flooring, a leather finish laminate for the vanity with contrasting chrome fittings and a red ceramic basin. The colour holds the space together and compliments the understated marble perfectly.

This home is the perfect example of modern living, where minimalist design meets maximum living. Each space optimised for its full potential and adding hints of love to each corner.


The Artisanal Story is a boutique studio that offers bespoke designs for coveted residential homes and commercial projects in Mumbai, India.


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